Saturday, January 14, 2006


Happy New Year!

I realize I have been remiss with my posting. I was kindly reminded of the fact by my friend Francisco. He mentioned he was wondering what I was up to so he dropped by TIPS and found...nada nuevo.
It's not that I have nothing to say, ponder, be opinionated about, I just think that at this moment what I have to share doesn't really apply to Customer Service.

But, to appease Francisco I will share an experience and some thoughts on that experience (and it is associated to tourism so I can post it here):

During the first week of the year a classmate of my younger sister came down from Georgetown University for a visit. Céline Giuliani is a native of France, and wanting to learn about a new culture she spent a week here in Puerto Rico.
My sister took her sightseeing, dancing, and dining, and Céline also shared with our family el Día de los Reyes celebration (a latin Christmas tradition) .

The few opportunities I had to share with her, I saw how fascinated,pleased, and how much she was enjoying her vacation. She loved the sights, the weather, the food, the people, our music and our Spanglish, and I began to see my island through her eyes.

I realize that after you have lived in a certain place most of your life you begin to take it for granted. I especially felt this the day before my sister and Céline were to return to Washington. We went to the beach and Céline got herself a very nice tan (not the spa kind), and had us get her some CD's of Raggaeton music to take home with her.

I remember telling her that not many people could boast about going to the beach and getting a tan in January (not in Washington anyway). And that's when it hit me!

How lucky am I to live on an island where I can go to the beach year round?
An island that has various bioluminescent bays, a rain forest, fresh seafood, many talented actors, athletes & musicians, and is rich and diverse in culture and history.

Extremely Lucky! (considering there are many people who have never seen an ocean).

So, in the week since Céline's departure, I can attest my outlook has changed quite a bit (in various areas, not just tourism). I am more appreciative of everything that surrounds me, and I'm enjoying those "little things" that people seem to miss when everyday stresses get in the way. So I am taking a step back and just enjoying the view, the weather, the food and the people.

Merci Céline! I know how sad it made you to leave, remember...mi casa es tu casa. There's always next Christmas!
And since you'll be practicing your Spanish, I'll be sure to polish up on my French (which is extremely limited).

I'm including two pictures which Céline was gracious enough to send me.

One was taken in La Parguera, Lajas when we went to see the Bioluminescent Bay, the other was taken in Guanica on the day before she left.