Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Service First

By Diana Figueroa

Why service first?

The movie You’ve Got Mail keeps coming to mind.

You have a local bookstore (A) which might be put out of business by a much larger operation (B). Store (A) could simply tuck its tail between its legs and call it a day without fighting for a piece of the pie. (A) could think, “(B) is so much bigger than I, what can I offer clients that (B) can’t?”

Customer Service.

There is something to be said about walking into a store and being welcomed and treated as if you were family, with warmth and respect. Being notified when new merchandise that you like is received, or having it reserved especially for you. Knowing that you are a valued customer. (Company A)

Opposed to walking in and feeling like cattle, just one more out of a bunch. Fending for yourself in trying to find what you’re looking for. Being a nameless face, a dollar sign. The value is in the money not the person spending it. ( Company B)

In which store would you rather spend your hard earned money?

Company (A), values you as a person and customer, does everything they can to cater to specific needs by providing quality service personally and product wise. Or…
Company (B), who values your money, provides for the masses and whose employees are to busy alternating between complaining to each other about work and looking at the time clock.

Service sells.

The type of service you provide can make or break a company. It is NOT enough to have a marketable product, an excellent promotional campaign, an attractive spokesperson, merchandise from floor to ceiling, lots of employees. If your service is mediocre your days in business are numbered.

Service is especially useful in smaller companies which don’t have the sales volume of larger ones. Since the competition is so fierce, smaller companies depend on excellent service and added values to keep current customers and generate positive word of mouth to obtain new ones.

The most important tool companies have for gaining and keeping customers is Service . Bigger isn’t always better. Quality over quantity.

Always Make Service First!



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