Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm On My Break Syndrome

The I'm on My Break Syndrome. It seems to be all the rave.
Employees who are on their lunch breaks but insist in staying at their work premises fully identified by name tags, uniforms, promotional merchandise etc., and have the audacity to glare and rudely tell a client asking for help that: "I'm on my break."

(Sarcasm Alert!)

Suggestion, if you or someone you know suffers from IMB Syndrome and don't wish to be bothered while you're "On Your Break", leave the store, office, work space. Take a break!

If however you choose to stay in your general work area babbling away with coworkers who ARE NOT on their breaks. Please don't light yourself up like a Christmas tree and then complain when you are interrupted by the people who purchase the merchandise you sell thus creating a need for you to be employed. In this fashion you could obtain a full break schedule otherwise known as unemployment, for not doing what you are paid to do, provide SERVICE.

P.S. One time offenders are excused. Just don't make it a habit. Other than being rude and annoying, it's bad for business.



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