Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Service Success Tip #8

Follow Up, Follow Through- Sometimes in our dealings with others we tell them; " I'll call you", and we don't.
There are many reasons why one might not call. You forgot, were very busy, something came up etc. In some instances people say they'll call back when in reality they have no intention of doing so. It is a way of being polite, and not giving an explanation as to why you won't be making that call.

Follow through, keep your word. If you can't call back because something comes up be sure to contact the other person as soon as you can and let them know what's going on. Write them an email, leave them a message, have a coworker contact them. Find a way to stay in touch. This shows interest on your part and consideration for the other person.

If you have no interest or intention of following through, be upfront and kindly let them know you won't be calling and why. This way they don't waste your time by calling back to see why you haven't called them. And you don't waste theirs by giving them false expectations, and they can move on to other things.


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