Friday, July 15, 2005

A Carol Award to Sam's Club

As a single mother of four small children (ranging in ages from 3-10), it is very difficult for me to go out, for mere pleasure or just to run my errands. I have come to accept that this society isn't prepared for single parents with many kids, much less parents of twins. So, I was very pleased yesterday when I went grocery shopping at Sam's Food Club in Western Plaza Mayaguez.

Normally when I visit the supermarket I try to go solo, if I have to take the whole team I need two grocery carts to sit my twin toddlers in, my oldest daughter pushes one I push the other. This tends to be quiet exasperating because arguing always ensues since both kids want Mommy to push their cart.

Back to yesterday...

I go to Sam's and to my utter delight they provide grocery carts with double seating(yipee!), so I only need one cart and there's no arguing (thank you for small favors!). As an added benefit, the prices are really good if you need to buy things in large quantities.

Thank you Sam's Club for providing what very few other's do...peace of mind to parents with multiples and multitudes of kids.



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