Monday, October 03, 2005


A couple weeks ago I had lunch at Casa Vieja, a restaurant located in the second oldest town in P.R., San Germán. I was most impressed, everything was as it should be. The restaurant is very nice, simple and elegant. There are different types of art (paintings,statues...) on display throughout the restaurant, and if you like a particular piece you can purchase it .
The service is great! The waiters are attentive, and friendly. They know the menu very well.
The food was exquisite, presentation as well as flavor. The main dishes range in price from $14- $20. The portions are pretty large and there is some waiting time for the food to be served (time varies depending on amount of people in restaurant), but the food and the ambience are so good that it is worth the wait. I highly recommend Casa Vieja!

Congrats to Glenn Ross! He has "relocated" his blog to http://www.allbusiness.com/blog/CustomerServiceExperience/10783/

I enjoy his articles, they are witty! The entire page is fantastic and full of useful information. Drop by and see for yourself.

Also take a look at Gil's site, http://gilthejenius.blogspot.com
His Sept.28 post talks about what Blog readers and Blog writers want out of their Blogging experience. Here's a short excerpt:

Blog writers want to see more:

• constructive criticism, reaction, feedback
• 'thank you' comments, and why readers liked their post
• requests for future posts on specific subjects
• foundation articles: posts that writers can build on, on their own blogs

For the complete post visit the page, the address is a few lines up...

Enjoy!! ;oDD


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