Thursday, September 22, 2005

Carol Comments

Carol (Carol Award) wrote me with a comment about my last post. I've included it in this post. I love feedback, comments, anecdotes and such. Feel free to agree or disagree with me. You can write to me at diana.tips@gmail.com

Thanks again Carol!

In stark contrast to the "Not My Department" syndrome are the employees of Whole Foods, an Austin, Texas-based grocery store chain specializing in organic produce and products.

These employees may be "nontraditional" in appearance (numerous tattoos and body piercings are the norm), but they are unfailingly polite and helpful. The guy loading the dairy case wearing a heavy coat, stocking cap and gloves will cheerfully locate another employee to help you find a certain vitamin, or will help you himself.

Any employee views any customer request as "His/Her Job." And I think their attitude directly impacts profitability. Customers won't buy what customers can't find, and at Whole Foods someone makes sure you can find whatever you are looking for!




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