Monday, February 14, 2005

Welcome to T.I.P.$.!

Greetings! By Diana Figueroa

Tourism isn’t just a business, it is a way of life. With this in mind we have created T.I.P.$., which means Tourism Is Profitable $ervice. As a community, we are here to serve, educate, promote and provide the best part of ourselves and our culture to those who take the time to visit the island, especially our region. In order to ensure greater success, we must make sure that our service and hospitality are world class, because these are our calling cards.

“Hotels and Restaurants” are not the only things that tourism consists of; there is much more to this industry: from sights to see, beaches to relax in and places to hang out, as well as cultural activities and events to share with your whole family. It also includes all kinds of businesses, from shopping malls to the little old lady in Las Marías who makes alcapurrias in the kiosks I’ve come to call “The Puerto Rican Fast Food Stop”. All of these businesses—both products and services—contribute to the financial growth of our region.

However, most of the weight to make a good impression, and provide exceptional service, does fall on the shoulders of the Hotel and Restaurant portion of our regional economy. For this reason, T.I.P.$. is committed to providing useful ideas and information that will help increase your company’s productivity and profits.

Join us as we explore the benefits and advantages of world class service…by focusing on T.I.P.$.


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