Monday, February 14, 2005

Good News People


Now that we have the internal and foreign tourists visiting Puerto Rico or our region, how do we make sure their stay is enjoyable and worthwhile? *Service *and *Hospitality.* After all, what’s the use of having people come visit us, if they leave with a negative impression of their stay here? Because tourists spend much of their visit enjoying the climate, shopping, sightseeing and interacting with many businesses, it is important for everyone to get involved in giving great service.

Word of mouth is the best promotion your business and region can receive. Every person that you provide service for will speak to an average of ten people. Those ten people will pass along the information to ten more people and so on. Before you know it hundreds of people will have formed an opinion of your business based solely on the experience of somebody they probably don’t even know. The more “good news people” you can create, the higher your chances for long term growth.

The following are a few guidelines for you and your employees that will be helpful in giving a good impression, thus ensuring that the word of mouth promotion you receive benefits your company’s productivity:

Greet every guest with a smile, and make eye contact: By appearing to be cheerful (even if you’re not feeling it) you make yourself more approachable to the customer, and eye contact is an acknowledgement that you are aware of their presence.

Refer to your client using their name (if you know it): If you don’t know their name, use Sir, Miss, or Ma’am when speaking to them. Everybody likes to feel needed and appreciated. I know, you can’t possibly memorize the names of every customer you’ve ever had, but there are always those frequent clients or visitors that stand out for one reason or another. Learn their names and let them know that their continued support is important for your company. Remember, they are the people who keep coming back to invest time and money. They will become your “good news people”.

Provide Options: Be attentive to the needs of your customers and provide options that will make their stay more pleasant. Whether it be a more comfortable room, a place to visit or shop at, something to purchase or a meal to eat, taking interest in your client is a way of ensuring a follow up visit (and the tips aren’t bad either).

The better the service you provide, the more “good news people” you create. Providing good service benefits not only the company, but the employee that offers it. The best product to sell is yourself, be sure to get a full price!


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