Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Marketing Essentials

Marketing Tips for T.I.P.$. by Area Zoom Marketing

Marketing is everything you do to communicate what your company is, from greeting clients to advertising around the world.

The most effective marketing is personal and well within your control: the quality of your premises, your level of service and the way you treat your clients.

The most useful marketing is that which positions you as unique and singular. Find that quality—or those qualities—that no else has or offers. If you can’t find anything, you can create them. The only limit is your imagination.

Marketing is a constant process and depends on feedback from many people. Remember to ask for that feedback, listen to it, weigh it objectively and use what you think is valuable.

Marketing is an investment made to sustain and expand the image and reputation of your company. Everything you do that affects your company’s image and reputation is a marketing investment and should be treated that way to achieve the maximum benefit.

Marketing expresses the passion you feel for your business and the service you offer. If you don’t feel great passion for this, find someone who does to coordinate and supervise marketing. Enthusiasm is contagious and produces amazing results.

Don't let Marketing fall into the "Unused" category of your business matrix. It's the best tool you have for showing the world your very best.


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