Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Nice Tourist

“You know me. I’m a nice tourist. I never complain, no matter what kind of service I get.”

“I’ll go in a restaurant and sit and sit while the waitress gossips with her boyfriend and never bothers to see if my hamburger is ready. Sometimes someone who came in after I did gets my hamburger, but I don’t say a word.”

“If the soup is cold or the cream for the coffee is sour, I’m nice about it.”

“If the service station attendant fails to check my oil or polish the windshield, I don’t even raise my eyebrows.”

“When I go into a store and get surly treatment and lack of sympathy with my browsing around. I don’t make a fuss.”

“When I register at a motel or hotel, I’m thoughtful of the other person. If I get a snooty manager who gets nestled because I want to look at my room before making up my mind, I’m polite as can be. I don’t believe rudeness in return is the answer. You might say I wasn’t raised that way.”

“ And it’s seldom I complain about the poor room service, the broken- down elevator, the leaking bathtub faucet or the television set that doesn’t work. I’ve found that people are always disagreeable to me when I do. Life’s to short for indulging in these unpleasant little scrimmages.”

“I never kick. I never nag. I never criticize. I wouldn’t dream of making a scene, as I’ve seen other people do in public places.”

“I’m a nice tourist! I’ll tell you what else I am: I’M THE TOURIST THAT NEVER COMES BACK!”

“That’s my revenge for getting pushed around. That’s why I take whatever they hand out…I know I’m not coming back. It’s true that this doesn’t relieve my feelings right off, but in the long run, it’s a far more deadly revenge.”

“In fact, a nice tourist like me, multiplied by others of my kind, can just about ruin your business. And there are lots of nice tourists in the world. When we get pushed far enough, we go down the street to another restaurant. We eat hamburgers in places that are smart enough to hire help who appreciate nice tourists. Together we do the rude people out of millions of dollars every year.”

“The one who laughs best, they say, is the one who laughs last. I laugh when I see places frantically spending their money just to get me back, when they could have held me in the first place, with a few kind words and a smile.”

Courtesy of the Canadian Tourist Association
and Michigan State University


  • This can happen to a nice tourist coming into San Juan.
    At his arrival he is confronted with some custom people that their job is to inspect baggage but they have an attitude problem and they think that they are God`s gift to mankind.
    Guys just check the luggage as quickly as possible and if you can tell people good morning.
    We know that you have an important job but please try to be a little nicer.You are only human after all.

    As they leave the baggage area then they have to find a taxi driver, who doesnt speak English, isnt polite in Spanish. Races down the road at 80 miles per hour. Does not use a seat belt, calls his girl friend to find out what is for dinner and ooops what is that under the seat, "a rum bottle". Oh-My.
    He reaches his hotels and he is told another price, then the price that he was told originally.
    Then finally he reaches the front desk and if the front desk person had one of those days , he might just say "NEXT.
    What happened to hello Mr Nice Tourist my name is Victor and I will be with you in a minute.

    If the nice tourist reaches the room in one piece, then we hope that the water is warm. The A/C works and the towels are available.

    Later on he heads for the lobby to walk around the area, maybe with the idea of a bite to eat but as he is opening the door , someone maybe a bell captain tells the tourist , "oh no, dont go out there at this time, it is late and not save.".
    Meanwhile the tourist does not understand cause he can clearly see all kind of people walking down the streets.

    By this time, chances are that he doesnt want to take any more chances.

    The next day he takes a tour, only to find that the bus was late, the driver was not understood in English and the bus ` A/C wasnt working too well.
    He is rush through a tour as he unfortunately confronts San Juan traffic. "El Tapon".
    BY the time he gets back to the hotel he takes out his calculator.
    Flight to San Juan 200.00
    Hotel one night 200.00
    Dinner in hotel rest 35.00
    Taxi ride 20.00
    tour to rain forest 40.00
    t.i.p.s. 100.00
    Images of not returning PRICELESS

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