Monday, June 06, 2005

More Carol Awards

In the spirit of giving, and recognizing excellent service, I will also give out some Carol Awards.

I second the vote for Gil's Carol Award to First Bank. It is an excellent bank. They are very people oriented and their employees are very friendly. Whenever I've been told they will get back to me with some information I've requested they always follow through, promptly. So kudos for you!

Another Carol Award to Katherine and Yolanda, both work for Verizon Wireless in the Mayaguez Mall. When I changed cell phone companies a few months back, these two ladies took care of all the details for me. They contacted my previous phone company to transfer my number, they programmed my phone, helped me choose the best plan for my needs and gave me the necessary information to solve any problems I may have encountered as a new client. Now, whenever I have questions or "inconveniences" with my phone service, (which thankfully haven't been many). I always go to them first, knowing that if they aren't equipped to solve my problem they'll point me in the right direction.

One other recognition, to Mary at the Parador El Sol in Mayaguez. Even when she's under the weather the woman has a smile on her face. You can tell she loves what she does. Always very helpful and informative, she goes out of her way to help not only her guests but also her colleagues.

Two things all of these service providers have in common are, a genuine desire to help and a smile. They make a world of difference.

Keep up the good work!!... Diana



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