Friday, May 13, 2005

Tales From the Other Side

Customer Experience #1
By Diana Figueroa

Recently I had a little mishap with my cell phone. It seems I somehow blocked it, so I couldn't make any phone calls. After various visits to different company stores and employees, I finally arrived to the place where (I hoped) my problem would be solved.

While I was waiting for my phone to be fixed, I happened to overhear a technician speaking to a client and telling them that no matter how many customers remained, at 6 PM they were closing and whatever clients were still there would simply have to come back tomorrow. Why? Because they didn't get paid overtime. Did I mention it was full of customers and it was just 4:30?

As I left the building a bit later, I kept thinking about the statement the employee had made… Ironic, because it was from an employee whose company's slogan is "We NEVER stop working for you."

There are many wrong things with this scenario. The most obvious is the fact that the customers aren’t a part of a company’s inner workings, therefore, employees shouldn’t make that type of comment where customers can hear them. Instead of broadcasting a bad image, if the employee was aware that not all of the customers would be taken care of, he could’ve:

A: Checked to see what each individual situation was and fixed the minor problems he knew there was time for. And for the one’s that took longer, give them the option of returning the next morning and give them first priority at that time.
B: If the office was short-handed for more difficult or lengthy service, see if a co-worker can lend a hand with the easier situations, and tend to those clients quickly, maybe freeing up enough technical staff in time to lend proper customer service to tougher problems.

At the moment this situation occurred, what happened to the idea of customer service satisfaction? It was forgotten and the end result was a corporate black eye.

At T.I.P.S. we strive to promote the positive. I want to acknowledge and thank the technician who fixed my problem. I don't know his name, I don't recall a name tag. But I thank him, for not sending me to another office, employee or area, for not making me wait in line, for being courteous and attentive and for fixing my problem quickly. He made my ordeal a bit more bearable.

THANK YOU!! Can you hear me now?


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