Monday, May 30, 2005

Pop Quiz

Here are some questions every service provider should be able to answer about their community and nearby areas. The more information you can provide your visitors, the better the quality of service. How many can you answer?

- How did your town get its name?
- What famous people were born here?
- Where is the nearest:
Hospital, College, Post Office, Church, Gas Station,
ATM machine, Bank, Library, Museum, Bakery/Supermarket

- Where may I go fishing? Play golf? Scuba Dive? Camp..?
- What are some attractions I can see?
- What cultural events are taking place?
- Where can I go to eat native cuisine, seafood,italian...?

These are all simple questions, yet sometimes we have to think of a reply or ask a fellow employee because we don't have the answer. So study up on what's happening in your community and nearby areas, and always be prepared.



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