Friday, April 08, 2005

Good News Directory

In my quest to promote great service, I've decided to become a "good news" person and mention places I have been to that I like. Hopefully, you will feel inspired to share with me experiences, places or people who have made your day a little bit brighter. We can start our very own "Good News Directory" and promote great customer service. It will also work as an incentive for the places and people mentioned to keep doing what they're doing. Looking forward to hearing from you!

1- Starbuck's - Unfortunately there isn't one yet in Porta del Sol (hint,hint). Whenever I visit the Metro area I go to Starbuck's by myself or a group of friends, it's a great place to decompress, socialize or people watch. The coffee is great, there are table games to play, newspapers and magazines for reading, and nice music. All of these things make for a welcoming and relaxing environment. You can sit there all day and ponder the meaning of life and nobody will bother you. So, if anybody from Starbuck's is reading I have a three words for you....PORTA DEL SOL (specifically Mayaguez, Cabo Rojo, San German, Aguadilla).

You can write me at: diana@vamospa.com



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